My name is Marco Kleijer, I’m a Freelance Java Specialist, I create software for a living.

In December 2012 my company, MK Consultancy, acquired copyright ownership of Street Rod and Street Rod 2.

Street Rod Online on: Twitter and Facebook

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  1. Hi Marco! Congrats on the initiative! I noticed that the version made available on line (for the old SR) does not have the fworking files for CGA graphics. Would you have that? Or maybe I’m just looking at the wrong direction? Thanks!

  2. As for Street rod 2, if you don’t have the game manual, how do you play (copyright protection requires you type a random letter from it)

  3. I also have Stree Rod. But the disk is broken disk 1.
    Can you dump all disks as floppy disk image?

  4. is there a way how to rip the text files for translation?
    Or if possible I’d love to work on the translation to Brazillian Portuguese.

  5. How can I play street Rod on my phone I love the game I played it all the time when I was younger and I would love to play again

  6. Hey there just wondering if you can get this to play on an iPad

  7. I totally remember this game from my childhood– only trouble is I couldn’t get it to run on my PC. It says “Ths app can’t run on your PC, check with the publisher”. I’m running Windows 10.

    Also, I did download SR and SR2 from another website, but I could swear it’s not entirely the version I had when I was a kid. I can distinctly remember facets of SR2 actually in SR1– i.e. check under the car for the exhaust, purchase superchargers and tunnel rams, etc. In the version I downloaded, though, all I seem to be able to purchase at best is a racing manifold and racing carbs. Any advice? Am I just remembering wrong?

    • you need an app like dosbox to run the old games, as they are too old to run on xp and up. Also sounds like you downloaded a demo version. the version here are the full versions.

  8. Thanks for bringing back to life this awesome game!
    I wish I had an APK of this game in my cell phone.

  9. tried playing SR and SR2 through the MS DOS prompt on Windows 8 and wouldn’t work. Anyway you can update and make it windows compatible?

  10. Is it possible to beat the road races in SR2? In my experience you eventually hit a gray spot on the road that instantly wrecks your car. I’ve heard you’re supposed to slow down and drive over, but that doesn’t work.

    • if slowing down to really really slow doesn’t work maybe down shift too? also i’ve noticed sometimes sr2 does weird stuff if the cycles are too high in dosbox

    • Yeah, i was stuck in this point too in past. Don’t stop, just deaccelerate and turn the car to “fix” the angle and accelerate again if don’t have chance to crash

  11. Hi Marco, congratulations on acquiring two of the greatest games me and my sibling have ever played. I’m not sure if it is in the works or not but I would love to see an android port

  12. I’m planning on trying out the GPD XD using Dosbox with this. Would love to see a port with updated graphics and better handling to Android. I feel an Ad after each race or going to a race would do or pay 2.99 for no ads. Trying to setup the ultimate old games / emulator system, Street Rod is one of my childhood favorites… Trying to find another title where you start as a gladiator that is being forced to fight and then you escape with a team of other people into the sewer – this is the start of the game. Its an RPG, but cannot remember the name of the game.

  13. I would like Street Rod 3 for a Future please, I´m from the 80´s the best Geration of all…

  14. I’m making a remake of Street Rod 1 in Game Maker Studio 2. It is only for me, BUT… I’d love to publish it if I have the proper permission/licenses. Marco, if you are interested in seeing my work, just contact me.

  15. Beat SR1 now in 474h without any money cheating (but heavy save/loading ok^), probably could get it down to 3xx-low 4xx – is there any record table online?

    PS: Still a great game! ;)

    • If I remember correctly it takes not more than 30 mins to beat SR1 without any cheats, editing of save games nor saving at all. It took me a lot more when I was a kid though :D And I still can’t play SR2…

  16. Please release on iPhone !!!!!!!

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